Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Writer's Log, stardate 11.24

Well into the 2nd week now at Wren Cottage. Made some adjustments to my normal routine, gotten into somewhat of a groove now. Since daylight hours are short, any excursions are during the mid-day light hours.

Locally, I have blazed a trail from Wren cottage to Fordingbridge. I like to let my mind wander when I walk, like at home thru the parks, so I found a proper footpath that skirts the roads and cars. Neighbour up the road told me where I could find the trail head. Takes about 45 mins to the Norman church in Fordingbridge.

As well, with my visual artist resi-mate Bianca, we had an all day excursion last Saturday. Headed out early in the AM to Avebury (approx 45 miles north), a small village built in & around large stone circles (stone age remnants of humans). Also spotted a white horse craved into the chalky hillside of county Wiltshire. Legend of the horse, "its often claimed to commemorate King Alfred's victory at the Battle of EĆ°andun in 878."  (as per wiki)

Our second stop was Stonehenge. Bitterly cold on the plains that afternoon as the sun was setting. I think the reason the Druids (?) chose this spot was b/c of the brilliantly frigid winds that blow over these plains. If they were offering sacrifices to appease the gods in this place they must have surmised, here was one of the gates to ice-cold hell.

Our third stop was Salisbury. Arrived just in time (purely by chance, not planned) to attend a Christmas concert in the great cathedral (50+ orchestra, 100+ local choir singers) and a few professional opera singers as well. The acoustics were impeccable inside that stone marvel.

As for my writing, have been getting the juices flowing by working on side projects, ie researching Hemingway's links with Canada, and educating myself on the Bronze Age (copper & tin). I do not know where these topics are headed, but that is OK.

Have been chipping away at main project as well, aka the "world war II story." Hope to focus more on this project as the days turn. Lots of cool books in the cottage, flipping thru a few (esp photography). Also learned a new phrase - 'to pop  a squat' - head behind a bush to do your business when no toilets nearby. Photo: Stonehenge at sunset.

- signing off,

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