Friday, 20 November 2015

Update on Bianca in Dorset


I've arrived in Dorset to this incredible room:

Which is crazy amazing! I'm loving it, but I'm also trying to see how its going to influence the project that I proposed for my stay. The room is definitely putting a spin on my initial intention. I applied with the concept of burying my head in shrubs of flowers to avoid evil, but now I don't have to do any burying because I'm surrounded by real flora anyways (even if some of its dying, its good enough). I'm in a predicament - seemingly surrounded by the real life utopia I was initially trying to imitate.

The situation is especially funny because of the mural in the room I grew up in, which I showed in the presentation. I guess both Fabrizio and I are living in our child hood rooms! I'll post it for you, Adam, because you haven't seen it yet.

So I'm jogging my mind out by making a bunch of little drawings and other projects. I'm trying to kind of settle down and see how I want to react to all this. I'm not going to post everything I've been doing in this process because its a lot, so I will link to my tumblr, which I'm using as a kind of digital studio wall at the moment.

Hope everyone is doing well,
Bianca Hlywa

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