Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fabrizio's log stardate 2015.11.19

Hello Rufus Stone associates. My first Blogger post, hopefully I've logged in properly and you read me loud and clear. Have now settled in Dorset, these last few days - after several active days in London. Managed the drive from the city to the countryside without serious incident - its been a long time since I drove 'stick', and its been since never that I drove on the left hand side of the road! Not to mention the steering wheel and gear shift on opposite side as well. Awkward but, once I got the hang of it we were westbound thru narrow, curvy country roads, slick and leafy this time of year. At Wren cottage I took the middle room on the top floor, the deep blue walls reminded me of my bedroom when I was a kid.
Photo: from 35000 ft somewhere over the Atlantic

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