Friday, 4 December 2015

Writer's Log, final entry, stardate 2015.12.04

Writer's log from Wren cottage, final entry...

Looking back these last 3 weeks I've covered a lot of ground. Was able to pretty much stick to my plan of writing 5 days per week. But only in the last 10 days or so, was I able tackle (& finish) latest draft of my main project. The first half of the residency I free-handed some journal entries; possible feeder ideas for future projects.

During resi I also read a lot, especially in the evenings (The Collector by John Fowles, a local writer's first novel. Graphic novel Maus by Art Speigelman, and the second half of Rich Man Poor Man by Irwin Shaw, a monster of a book at 660 pgs).

I made it to Lyme Regis and was able to indulge in my fossil habit. Found 9 pieces, most are amonites, but also one very strange & unique "wormy" fossil. And, last Thursday had one last excursion with my residency flat-mate, Bianca.

We headed first to Corfe Castle, built in 11th cent. and now lays in beautiful ruins in the Purbeck Mounatins. That hillside feels as if its dripping in history. In the afternoon we headed to Lulworth Cove to walk along the blustery cliffs and visit the famous natural arch of Dundle Door. Legend has it, if you can swim thru the arch and not get killed by the bashing waves & jagged rocks, you'll enter an alternate reality, like Alice down the rabbit hole! (Not true, I'm just trying to start a new legend. So sue me, I'm a writer!).

I would love to come back to Dorset again and write some more, but I think a duration of 30 days (or more) would be more practical. Seems like I was just getting the creative juices flowing. Anyway, I want to thank Adam & Cindi for opening their cottage to me these last few weeks, and many thanks for pairing me up with Bianca, we got along famously. It was good to have another person in the house, would have been a bit lonely on this quiet country road otherwise. Also, many thanks to Teresa, for all her hospitality and organizing work as well. Very much appreciated.

Thank you Rufus Stone, wherever you are.

Gratefully yours, Fabrizio

Wild pony of the New Forest (which is not very new at all) 

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