Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nestor Armando Gil @ Rufus Stone

Going to market in London is quite an experience.  I mentioned to my host shortly after I arrived that everything here seems quite the same as at home, but totally different.  In the grocery store I am moved by how true this is.  The way calories are measured on packages, the way products also available in the States are packaged with the same name but different wrapping . . . no need to further explain it.  Tonight dinner was prepared at the residency headquarters and it was a welcome moment to sit down with all the inhabitants of this place and converse over a well made meal.

Earlier in the day I tried to go to the Saatchi Gallery but arrived too close to closing time so will return another time.

I am making headway on the project for the residency.  I have spoken today with a couple of people I hope to meet for coffee soon and then walk/listen and learn about their experiences here.  There is precious little sign of Latinidad in London thus far, but a few little possibilities do seem to keep cropping up.

I spent the mental day working out concepts for a performance I may well do while here.  It will involve bread so my next big trick is to do a bit of baking.  Here is a loaf I made not long ago, something similar to what I hope will come of this round in the kitchen:

Since every oven is different, and the very air in a place informs how the bread will look/feel/taste, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of bread London provides.

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